Berisha, back to “the Pyramid” matter

13/06/2011 15:15

In the first part of the Democratic Party Parliamentary Group meeting,
the Prime Minister Sali Berisha was dedicated to the preparations that
must start for celebrating the 100 years of independence.

Berisha presented the preparation agenda, requiring the attention of all state institutions.

Prime Minister Berisha underlined once again the significance of building the new Parliamentary Complex in the site where today stands the International Center of Culture, popularly known as “The Pyramid”.

“We have announced a very important decision that has been taken. There could be no better or more righteous decision than this, and nothing can honor the Albanian state more than the construction of the Albanian democracy temple, one of Europe’s most modern Parliaments. For celebrating the biggest event of our national history, the 100th anniversary of independence, there will be a State Commission consisted of representatives from different areas”, Berisha declared.

The Democratic Party parliamentary group meeting was held in the same time when the Electoral College is holding the session for giving the final decision on Tirana mayoral elections. But Berisha avoided any kind of comment about this.

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