Constitutional Court dismisses opposition’s case to remove the mandate of minister Xhaçka: The Assembly of the Republic of Albania should decide
01/23 20:46
Authorities want to question Arben Ahmetaj on incinerators affair and Alda Klosi’s cash as new evidence
01/18 21:12
Intense rainfall in the north; Bad weather brings flood warnings in Shkodër and Lezhë
01/17 21:00
Earthquake tremors in Albania, yesterday’s seism damaged houses in Klos
01/16 20:56
House cleaner with 500 thousand euros, Berisha: The money belongs to the former deputy PM Arben Ahmetaj
01/13 21:51
10 million ALL thrown in the bin for rural road in Vau i Dejes they “forgot” to build
01/12 21:31
Albanian prosecution brings charges against former minister of defense for the murderous explosion in Gërdec army dismantling plant
01/10 21:08
Maritime authorities in Durrës require safety measures be taken after the deterioration of the weather conditions
01/09 19:33
Cleaner and her son stole over €500,000 in cash from the house of former deputy PM’s chief of staff
01/09 15:14
Youngsters in Berat jump into the cold water of Osum river to catch the Cross of the Blessed Water
01/06 19:44
Flow of travelers at border crossing points after the departure of migrating compatriots from Albania after the holidays
01/04 20:49
The Constitutional Court accepts the opposition lawsuit of the against the Albanian prices’ board
01/03 20:39
Police warn citizens on end of the year celebrations: Beware of fire hazards, cooking with gas and driving under the influence
12/31 20:01
Minister refuses to help farmers with the 10 million euros budget money as reimbursement for fuel
12/30 20:45
Food prices in Gjirokastra rose by at least 30 percent in December 2022
12/28 21:07
The disabled in Elbasan end their hunger strike after being promised due payments and assistance
12/26 21:38
Albanian Catholic and Orthodox believers prepare celebration of Christmas
12/24 21:04
Berisha on corruption with the incinerators: The wanted Zoto was administrator of Ahmetaj’s company
12/23 20:54
Opposition deputy is expelled from session when accuses the prime minister of turning the court into a party section, PM Rama: You are a circus clown
12/22 21:16
Former mayor of Himara hits minor in Llogora road, 17-year-old is in serious condition
12/21 20:43
Journalist Marin Mema hosted among Albanians in the town of Manastir: Tirana government has forgotten you
12/19 20:44
How to make your home more welcoming this holiday season?
12/19 14:17
The ‘sardines justice’ persues ‘crate of fish’ of former deputy minister, but not the ‘shark’ vice PM Ahmetaj
12/17 21:02
Over 2,000 hectares of land under water in Shkodra, mayor requests declaration of a state of natural disaster
12/16 20:56
Despite the legal ban New Year’s fireworks market thrives online
12/14 21:08