Fiks Fare/ Bad credit extortion, debt collection institutions give new loans to cover old debts
02/27 21:21
Former mayor of Durrës is released after arrest for abuse of office
02/27 15:38
Agrement for financing of Vorë-Hani i Hoti railway is signed, minister from London: A foundation stone for new projects
02/26 21:08
Border entries and exits are increasing, number of Albanians who traveled abroad at the beginning of the year also increasing
02/26 15:58
Albanian doctors perform the first cardio-surgery in the country, PM Rama: A case of success
02/23 21:08
Whole family suspected as head of the family is killed by 19-year-old daughter in Durrës
02/23 16:06
Socialist PM Rama harsh criticism of Vlora party branch: The city with the largest number of fictitious members
02/21 21:23
Debates and criticism of the amnesty law, which includes public officials convicted of corruption
02/21 16:14
Democrats protest with Molotov cocktails and flares at Prime Minister’s Office, accuse PM Rama of destroying the opposition
02/20 21:26
PM Rama and the Albanian ministers are received with official ceremony by Erdogan in Ankara
02/20 15:36
Fiks Fare; Officials in Kukës neglect Albanian from Kosovo who is seeking citizenship
02/19 21:17
Asphalting begins on the first lot of the Elbasan-Qafë Thane road axis, minister: Ready for circulation in a few weeks
02/19 15:49
Kuçova airbase, formerly built for the Warsaw Pact, is now made available to NATO crafts
02/17 21:08
Kosovo celebrates the 16th anniversary of Independence amid the long and difficult journey of state-building
02/17 16:01
Albanian prince no longer hiding after the divorce, seen holding hands with new photographer girlfriend
02/16 15:58
The subject teacher fails the students but the principal breaks the law and passes them
02/15 21:14
US secretary Blinken in Tirana, appreciates PM Rama and alliance with Albania: We face every difficulty together
02/15 15:59
Health officials alerted by 17,300 flu cases in one week in Albania
02/14 21:14
Agreement with the Italy on extraditions from Dubai and South America in the fight against drug trafficking
02/14 15:45
US state secretary Blinken comes to Tirana on Thursday, among meetings, dinner with the head of SPAK special prosecution, Dumani
02/13 21:15
Rama invites visitors to Albania at World Summit: Technology will never replace our nature
02/13 16:12
In 2023, 2500 fewer births, more deaths than births in five counties in Albania
02/12 21:11
Rival groups of the opposition DP unite for the first time at the party’s headquarters
02/12 16:00
Sudden fires in the forests of southwestern Albania, village houses at risk
02/10 21:13
Good days for tourism as number of foreigners visiting the Albanian capital is increasing
02/10 15:43