Albanian intelligence detects espionage attempts in state offices from official recruited by “non friendly” country
06/24 21:28
Minister’s husband gains the status of “strategic investor” in coastal area, DP denounces Prime Minister Rama for abuse
06/21 15:11
Italian farmer in Albania on absurdity of price of wheat: Albanians buy their country’s wheat in Italy
06/18 20:51
DP’s Berisha denounces SP minister’s son for arrest in Italy, clashes with his mother
06/17 21:05
Third day of the lawyers’ strike against the closure of the courts by judicial reform
06/16 21:16
Mafia style murder in Tirana; Car bomb kills 27-year-old driving in motorway
06/11 21:25
Two fatalities from stormy weather; Lightning kills 50-year-old in Malësia e Madhe, elderly man drowns in Vlora
06/09 21:28
Inflation rate reached 6.7% in month of May, continues the rising of food and energy prices
06/08 21:19
Wildfires on the island of Sazan and in Mirdita are neutralized
06/07 21:03
Wildfires of great proportions on the island of Sazan, home to 16 rare species
06/06 20:29
Bajram Begaj elected President of the Republic of Albania with 78 votes, one vote from opposition
06/04 20:43
Nomination for president from ruling SP is army general Bajram Begaj
06/03 21:08
Business scammers steal public land in coastal city to build hotels
06/02 21:18
Tributes to former Albanian President Bujar Nishani who died at the age of 56
06/01 20:57
Elbasan Morgue turns into ‘a funeral agency’, doing business with corpses
05/30 21:11
13 Albanian women e children are repatriated from Syria camp along with citizens from Kosova
05/28 21:03
Ali Pasha’s village Beçisht, without roads and services, is abandoned by residents
05/28 20:47
Two minor brothers drown while bathing in reservoir in outskirts of Tirana
05/27 21:19
68 foreign, Italian, Dutch and Croatian football fans detained during the Conference League final in Tirana
05/26 21:14
Roma and Feyenoord fans enter the stadium amid celebrations for the European final in Tirana
05/25 21:08
Conference-League final closes Tirana’s roads; Plan of the blockages is published by authorities
05/24 19:46
Session on election of the president fails due to the lack of consensus between SP and opposition PD
05/23 21:16
Fiks Fare/ Irrigation canal in St. Vasil, only three times in four years has brought water to village agricultural lands
05/20 21:16
Police in hunt for owners of coal shipment with concealed drugs in port of Durres
05/18 20:38
Stone quarry continues to operate amid houses, even after the decision of the municipality and court
05/18 19:46