Health minister decries Basha’s rally in Durrës: More than ever people must follow the Covid-19 rules
05/30 16:04
DP’s Basha in meeting with citizens in Durrës: Rama-virus, the pandemic torturing Albanians for 7 years now
05/30 15:49
State Police changes plan: There will be no traffic ban on Sunday, within the cities
05/30 15:25
How are parts of Albania being secretly Greekized? Video of the scandal in the south of the country (English subtitles)
05/30 15:16
Covid-19 update/ 23 new cases, two of them medical personnel
05/30 15:05
Meta on electoral code: Look forward to the consensus of the parties by May 31, I will decree the changes
05/29 15:48
Electoral roundtable, Hajdari: No white smoke without changing the electoral system
05/29 15:40
Health minister Manastirliu: No restrictions on the weekend, more reopening from June 1st
05/29 15:28
Covid-19; 23 new cases in Albania, infections map expands
05/29 15:12
Rama warns employers: 1 week time to apply for employees’ compensation salaries
05/28 15:52
Rama in the Assembly with the statements from the artists against the National Theater: I have finished my words
05/28 15:38
National Theater/ Hajdari to Rama: You have become a Nikola Gruevski, you will suffer the same fate
05/28 15:24
Covid-19; High numbers again in Albania, 26 new cases, 12 in Tirana main hospital
05/28 15:09
Exclusive – Two Tirana police officers under investigation for negligence to a reported sexual crime
05/27 16:09
Expelled for 10 days from the National Assembly, Ralf Gjoni: An ominous plan to approve the electoral reform
05/27 15:52
Cheating foreigners in hotels; 3 arrested in Durrës for bank card cloning
05/27 15:36