US Ambassador calls for fight against corruption and abuse: A threat to America and the world
06/17 15:09
‘Sanatorium’, no longer a Covid hospital, with no coronavirus patients in wards
06/16 20:33
Fier, two electricians die from collapse of out of date high voltage pole in Roskovec
06/15 15:12
Street vendors protest in front of Durrës municipality after prohibition to sell on the beaches
06/14 18:45
Italy keeps in force general travel restrictions with Albania, border blockade postponed until July 30
06/14 18:29
Albania is a member of the UN Security Council for the next two years
06/11 19:39
Meta: Ready for cooperation with Parliament, cannot take seriously the desperate act of the Assembly
06/11 19:30
EU supports the Tirana summit for a single market, without borders and barriers in the Western Balkans
06/10 19:57
Albanian Parliament approves the dismissal of President Ilir Meta
06/09 15:45
Bulgarian PM receives PM Rama in Sofia: We do not hinder Albania’s EU membership, Bulgarian minority, a bridge between two peoples
06/08 21:55
Residents of Kuçova in violent clashes with police during protest against the construction of water pipeline
06/07 15:24
Parliament Speaker Receives Kosova Counterpart: Serbia has commited crimes, hides war criminals/ Konjufca: Must defend KLA war image
06/07 15:08
PM Rama accuses EU of division among Balkan peoples: EU membership like ‘Waiting for Godo’
06/05 15:13
No restrictions for travelers entering Albania/ Foreign Ministry explains the protocol
06/05 14:57
Travel on the ‘roof’ of Albania / Northern alpine trails, full of foreign tourists
06/04 18:59
Attacker shoots dead daughter’s ex-husband, injures lawyer before court session
06/04 18:46