EU Ambassador condemns the threats and insults of the opposition’s Meta to the justice bodies: They have no place in democracy
04/18 15:42
President Begaj in meeting with the delegation of the NATO Assembly: Albania will play its role as a factor of peace
04/17 15:45
“Fiks Fare”; Occupation of empty spaces in Durrës cemeteries continues, one dead occupies 3-4 graves
04/16 21:23
Assembly reinstates all the expelled members of the opposition except former Prime Minister Berisha
04/15 21:18
Vetting and professional ability verifications for firefighting officers begin
04/15 15:51
Special anti-corruption court seizes the apartment of former mayor of Lushnja, Fatos Tushe
04/13 15:52
President Macron welcomes PM Rama in Paris: Albania has advanced on the path to EU integration
04/12 21:13
Woman is shot dead, man is injured inside state institution in Kosovo
04/12 15:58
Opposition’s request to bring the mandate of the socialist Xhaçka to the Constitutional Court is rejected
04/11 21:16
Freedom House report: Berisha’s political wing is violent, disinformation seeks to discredit SPAK prosecution
04/11 15:57
Fiks Fare/ Former police and “strongmen” occupy the courtyards of nurseries and kindergartens in Lushnja
04/10 21:32
Muslim believers celebrate Eid al-Fitr, thousands of Albanians pray in “Skënderbej” square in Tirana
04/10 15:58
EU Ambassador in Tirana meets with Dumani: Special Anti-corruption prosecution, key player in Albania’s progress
04/09 21:17
Criminal Amnesty law is decreed after signature by President Begaj – articles
04/09 16:07
PM Rama holds Iftar dinner: It is a virtue to exercise the strong discipline of fasting
04/08 21:22
Tirana hospital center denies opposition’s accusations of death of patients during the power outage
04/08 15:50
PM Rama on arrests of the former Tirana municipality directors: Support for SPAK prosecution is not propaganda
04/06 21:26
Opposition DP says that it can stop the deserting of Albania, Gjekmarkaj: Berisha is held under arrest by the government
04/06 16:24
Fiks Fare solves the problem of citizen who for 3 years could not withdraw his pension
04/05 21:26
Lawyer says that amnesty law only awaits the President’s signature: Low-level officials convicted of corruption also to benefit
04/05 15:45
Fiks Fare/ Developer sells the apartment twice, by to the same notary, and then disappears
04/04 21:27
Greece withdraws its veto against Albania on the signing of the Defense and Security Agreement between the EU and Tirana
04/04 15:43
Opposition DP unites the votes for the amnesty law, 700 prisoners benefit and 2 thousand on probation
04/03 21:10
Construction work begins on the refugees’ reception center in port of Shengjin in Lezha
04/03 15:44
Opposition’s Bardhi accused him of being part of a criminal organization, Olsi Rama sues for slander: Either I in prison as a trafficker, or you as a fabricator of evidence
04/02 16:29