Coronavirus in Albania/ 6 losses of life and 146 new cases in the last 24 hours
08/14 17:09
Situation in Kakavija/ Meta: Government must contact urgently with the Greek side, measures must be taken
08/14 15:10
Greece renews announcement of border closure with Albania: From August 17th all must have Covid-19 test with oneself
08/14 15:03
After recovering from Covid-19, Mayor Veliaj confesses: I have learned lessons from this story
08/13 15:50
Fire in wood processing factory in Fushë-Kruja, suspected as deliberate arson
08/13 15:34
President Meta returns for reconsideration state immovable property law: Endangers relationship with property titles
08/13 15:25
Covid-19/ Italian doctors team completes Albanian mission, Manastirliu: Cooperation will continue
08/13 15:12
Covid-19 patient dies by suicide after jumping from 3rd floor of the hospital
08/13 15:02
Massive wildfires in a forest area in Devoll
08/01 15:31
Strengthening capacities in coping with COVID-19, Manastirliu: 300 employees added to the health system
08/01 15:24
Passing of Edi Rama’s mother, Ilir Meta message of condolence for the Prime Minister’s family
08/01 15:13
European Conservatives to the Albanian government: Stick to the June 5th agreement
08/01 15:00
COVID-19 / Reduction in infections, 3 losses of life, 79 infected and 69 recovered in the last 24 hours
07/31 20:06
Covid-19; Frightening stats from Kosova, 15 losses of life in the last 24 hours
07/31 15:40
Celebration of Eid al-Adha in Tirana and the districts, respecting the safety measures by the believers
07/31 15:25
Greece extends until August 14th the closure of border with Albania
07/31 15:05