Three years after the 2019 earthquake, many families are still waiting for the promised reconstructions
11/26 20:47
“Port of Durrës is being given away”; Opposition accuses Minister Balluku: Do not blindly follow Rama’s orders!
11/24 21:08
Floods in Shkodra have submerged 1400 hectares of land and crops, many houses were filled with mud
11/23 20:47
Ishem river floods its banks in the villages of Kruja, problematic situation in the villages of Murqin and Mallkuq
11/21 21:32
Floods kill 2 people in Shkodra, dozens of hectares flooded by rianfall and discharges of hydropower plants
11/21 15:12
Kruja Hospital has no doctors; No one applies to work there, the sick travel to Tirana
11/19 21:33
Oil price decreases in the stock market and in region, but the Board in Albania “forgets” to meet
11/16 21:35
“Golden” road concessions as Albanian minister gives away 320 million euros for the Lekaj-Fier link, which is paved and ready
11/14 20:59
Large opposition protest in Tirana: Depopulation is the agenda of the socialists in power! Berisha: Rama, an enemy of our freedom, belongs in prison
11/12 21:42
Saturday’s opposition protest in Tirana, police announces the roads that will be closed tomorrow
11/11 20:48
Albanian and Spanish police dismantle network of abusive call centers
11/10 20:50
Small business is suffocated by taxes; 2 thousand businesses have closed in Shkodër since 2015
11/09 20:54
In Kamza, every grocery store has a “poverty book” with customers’ debts
11/08 20:51
We will die for our land; Residents of Bërxulli oppose the expropriations for 400 ALL per meter square
11/07 20:55
Officers will be forced to “patrol on foot” after drastic fuel cuts in the police force
11/05 20:53
Cocaine hidden among bananas/ Wanted company owner Trifon Murataj, two port employees arrested
11/04 20:49
“Politics, threatening and blackmailing us”, say Albanian university lecturers on strike
11/02 21:11
Heaps of apples are left on the streets; In Dvoran farmers cut the trees as they get no profit
11/01 21:01
Car hits French tourists on bicycles; 51-year-old woman dies, her husband is in hospital injured
11/01 20:47
Three years after the earthquake, dozens of families in Manzë are living in containers waiting the promised reconstruction
10/29 21:37
University lecturers threaten to go on hunger strike if the government does not meet the protest’s demands
10/28 20:49
Hackers publish PM Rama’s flights data, over 50 charter flights in the last two years
10/27 20:37
Berisha responds to the US representative Ecobar: My ‘Non-grata’ announcement was to help PM Rama
10/26 20:42
Disciplinary measures against police officers after 1644 complaints from the citizens
10/22 21:43
Panaja village in Vlora, only 30 minutes of running water in 48 hours
10/21 21:04