Vote buying/ Special anti-corruption unit SPAK arrests 22 election officials
07/28 15:07
COVID-19 update / 117 new cases, 6 losses of life and 63 recovered in the last 24 hours
07/27 16:18
Covid-19, minister Manastirliu: We are doubling the mobile Emergency teams for home service
07/27 16:08
Pandemic increases drug and alcohol addiction/ Centers receive up to 30 calls per day
07/27 15:52
PM Rama: We will open the electoral lists, electoral coalitions will be like in Europe where we want to adhere
07/27 15:20
Parliament dismisses president Meta’s impeachment by 78 votes
07/27 15:05
Covid-19 / Ministry of Health: 6 loss of life and 67 new cases in the last 24 hours
07/25 16:50
LSI’s Vasili: The opposition coalition is the de facto winner, Rama is a man of bargaining, not of principles
07/25 16:13
Tough battles with fires in Elbasan, 2 to 3 new hearths a day
07/25 15:27
Covid-19, 4 entities fined in Tirana for violation of the Normative Act banning loud music after 20:00
07/25 15:09
DP’s Bylykbashi: By removing the coalitions, Rama seeks to nullify the vote of the citizens
07/25 14:59
Covid-19, Health Ministry: 5 victims and 104 new cases in the last 24 hours
07/24 17:28
Covid-19 affects the maternity hospital of Berat, two nurses are positive
07/24 16:30
Police arrests in the drug operation Bujar Sejdinaj, known as “the uncle” representative of Ndrangheta in Albania
07/24 16:18
President Meta to EU ambassadors: Parliament to withdraw from the unilateral amendment of the Constitution
07/24 15:55
Massive fire in a woods area in Elbasan
07/23 16:28
Covid-19 / Ministry of Health: 3 victims and 108 new cases in the last 24 hours
07/23 16:18
Minister criticizes MPs for not wearing masks: You are not the right example! Capacities of COVID hospitals, rapidly depleted
07/23 15:24
Albanian Assembly convenes to approve the main changes in the Electoral Code
07/23 15:09
Covid-19, minister Manastirliu: New medical staff recruited, new hospital will open
07/22 16:10
“Gas leak”; 3 workers injured near former metallurgy in Elbasan
07/22 15:52