Albanians and foreigners remain stranded at the Kakavija greek crossing due to obstacles in the online system
07/22 15:41
Authorities carry out joint anti-drugs operation with Italy / 16 arrested, two in Albania
07/22 15:19
Electoral Reform / United Opposition accepts PM Rama’s invitation for talks, but there is a request
07/22 15:10
Police disperses the artists’ protests against government’s decision to ban music events
07/21 16:21
Covid-19 Albanian study/ Dr. Alban Ylli: The virus circulates in only 6% of the population
07/21 16:04
Explosion with explosives in Lapraka, in the early hours of the morning
07/21 15:55
Protest against the closure of nightclubs, PM Rama: Inconceivable, their opening has never been allowed
07/20 21:45
Covid-19/ Ministry of Health: 81 new cases and 1 loss of life in the last 24 hours
07/20 16:31
DP leader Basha meets with Prime Minister Hoti in Pristina: I will remove the toll on Rruga e Kombit highway
07/20 16:17
The German Embassy in Tirana closes the visa and passport office
07/20 16:01
Covid-19/ Albanian government bans nightlife, Manastirliu: No more discos and nightclubs, neither outdoors or indoors
07/20 15:50
Covid-19 / Ministry of Health: 102 new cases and 4 victims, one without other diseases
07/18 16:42
DP’s Paloka: If Rama unilaterally changes the constitution, is responsible for the destabilization of the country
07/18 16:23
Establishment of the Constitutional Court is blocked / Three candidates withdraw, 6 did not meet the criteria
07/18 16:07
Manufacturers request government support: We are going bankrupt, industry hit hard by the pandemic
07/18 15:57
PD: Rama must withdraw the fiscal amnesty law, cushions the criminals and the corrupt
07/17 16:13
Socialists withdraw from Meta dismissal initiative, report: There are violations, but not enough
07/17 15:48
14 including doctors, arrested for corruption; Mediated Covid-19 tests in exchange for payment
07/17 15:28
Covid-19 / Ministry of Health: 3 victims and 55 new cases in the last 24 hours
07/17 15:07
Arrested the fake alternative medicine doctor who claimed to cure the coronavirus
07/16 16:02
Constitutional changes; President Meta demands reflection, mentions dissolution of parliament
07/16 15:35