Veterinarians: Albanian meat is not exported due to non-registration and livestock rearing uncertainty

04/12/2021 20:41

Albania meat and other farm products of animal origin, are prohibited from being exported to EU countries as they are considered unsafe and of poor quality.

Veterinarian Ervin Resuli says that in Albania farms are unregistered, and as a result we do not know what supplements or medications are used in rearing the livestock.

“If we say we have institutional problems, it is normally the whole chain starting from the farm registry or the use of antibiotics. Our products of animal origin are not certified by the authorities outside the Albanian territory, they are not recognized to obtain legality to export them.

“Farm animal drugs circulating in Albania that have different or uncertified origins and may not have the active substance described in the prescription, so it is practically unknown what is used to treat the stock”, adds Resuli.

Lack of farm registration and the use of smuggled drugs are not the only reasons keeping products of animal origin away from exports. According to Resuli to ensure food security every region should have an analysis laboratory.

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