Former adviser of Ilir Meta, Ralf Gjoni, is questioned by the anti-corruption prosecution

22/04/2024 15:31

After about four hours, Ilir Meta’s former adviser, Ralf Gjoni, left the SPAK special prosecution office.

In front of the journalists, he did not give details about what he was asked about, saying that he is a lawyer and as such he should not talk about what he testified in the Special Prosecutor’s Office.

“I was asked as a citizen in the capacity of being engaged in state engagements and positions, not as a person under investigation. You know there is no reason to investigate me. I was not part of Meta’s file because I was not in contact with him during the presidency. It is about an inactive period of mine”, he said without giving more details.

As far as is learnes, Gjoni was summoned regarding the lobbying that Meta’s political force did in the USA during the time it was in government along with the Socialist Party.

Gjoni was seen entering SPAK alone, without the presence of his lawyer.

In 2016, documents were published in the media according to which LSI made payments worth USD 267,804 to its lobbying company in Washington, Global Security and Innovative Strategies, GSIS.

The payments include a fixed monthly fee of USD 30,000 for the American company as well as reimbursement of expenses incurred by the latter in representing the interests of Albanian SMI leaders to the US Congress and the US administration.

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