Minister Balla from Abu Dhabi pledges cooperation between the two countries for extraditions and fight against crime

22/04/2024 21:08

Albanian Interior Minister Taulant Balla met today with his counterpart in Abu Dhabi, Saif Bin Zayed Al Nayan, with whom he discussed issues of bilateral cooperation in the field of security.

During the meeting the ministers agreed on the further deepening of cooperation between the two countries, through the establishment of a joint Task Force that will address all common issues, including the fight against crime, as well as the assistance for the Albanian police from the UAE government.

Also, during the meeting, it was discussed about raising the cooperation to another level in terms of extraditions and civil emergencies.

Balla from Abu Dhabi stated:

“Relations with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are at their best level, thanks to a direct cooperation report between the President, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed and Prime Minister Rama, but also at the level of cooperation between the two ministries.

“With Minister Saif Bin Zayed Al Nayan, we had a long but fruitful discussion on some issues that I think are important in terms of cooperation in the fight against crime and in particular against organized crime, cooperation in terms of assistance and receiving the recent experience that the UAE already has in terms of the technology they use in traffic management, in terms of the identification of wanted persons. And we have also stopped in a broad discussion regarding coping with difficult situations related to civil emergencies.”

“With Minister Saif Bin Zayed Al Nayan, we agreed, with his proposal, to jointly set up a Task Force between the two ministries, which will include our two police officers, to address all common issues, including the issues related to the fight against crime, also the assistance that the Albanian police can benefit from the UAE government. This includes issues that we will discuss tomorrow with the Minister of Justice regarding extraditions or deportations.”

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