Culture and history attract foreign tourists to the 800-year-old monastery and church in Zvrnec

20/04/2024 15:54

In addition to the beaches and the long coast, Vlora in the southwest of Albania is attracting more foreign tourists with its historical and cultural areas.

The monastery of Zvërnec and the 800-year-old Church of St. Mary has had an influx of vacationers from different countries during this week, local officials say, adding that Germans, Italians, Poles, Englishmen and even residents of Vlora visit the site and light candles in prayer.

“It’s the first time in Albania, very nice, a nice experience. It is very relaxing. The people are friendly, the food is delicious. the old town of Vlora is very beautiful and so are the beaches. We would recommend it as a city to visit”, says a visitor for Top Channel.

“I am from Germany. We moved here by bicycle because there were bicycle lanes in the city. I decided to come to Albania because my son was here before us and told us that it is one of the last original countries left in Europe, so we should visit it.”

Other foreign visitors appreciated their experience in the attractions of Vlora.

“We are from Poland and we are coming to Albania for the first time, we will stay for 5 days. The people here are very nice, the weather is also good for bathing and swimming.”

According to local tourist operators, the month of March in Vlora ended with 20-25% more bookings than the same period last year. The upward trend is continuing in April when even more tourists are expected. On weekends, tourist businesses are working at full capacity to serve tourists who are stopping in the city for two or three days.

Top Channel