Travel on the ‘roof’ of Albania / Northern alpine trails, full of foreign tourists

04/06/2021 18:59

Many foreign tourists are expected in the northern Alps of Albania this year, while the first visitors have already arrived in the Kelmendi region Mountains.

“I am from Dubrowenka in Poland. We are coming from Grabajev in Montenegro, we crossed the border on foot through the Alps and this view here is fascinating”, says a Polish tourist.

“We spent the night in Grabajev, Montenegro and now we will continue in Shkodra. Later we will visit the wonderful Theth and then Valbona. We read about Albania on the internet and I am amazed. Once I return to Poland, I will suggest to all my friends to visit it”, says another tourist.

“We are travelers who have visited many European countries and this time decided to visit Albania because it is little promoted. The view here is fantastic, it is so beautiful that I will be back here again. Look! Here there is sunshine, the people are good and it seems to me as if all these mountains are mine. I want to enjoy it endlessly “, said another tourist.

Kelmendi in Malësia e Madhe, has many rare natural beauties such as Tamara, Selca, Lepusha or Vermoshi, easily accessible due to improved road infrastructure, and are must-visit areas in Albania.

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