Street vendors protest in front of Durrës municipality after prohibition to sell on the beaches

14/06/2021 18:45

This summer season, Durrës municipal police have stopped street vendors from circulating along the beaches, to avoid acoustic pollution and the unpleasant image created by their activity.

Today, the seasonal traders gathered in front of the municipality asking for their right and permission to exercise the activity during the summer months, or a solution for the created situation. The tourist season is the only period when dozens of street vendors from Durrës, Lushnja, Elbasan and other districts provide income by trading food and industrial products for vacationers on the Adriatic sea beaches.

“They do not let us sell at the beach. We have been working seasonally since 2006 and now the mayor does not give us permission. The municipal police follow us step by step, as criminals. When will they give us permission? I go out to the beach with a box of bananas, I am not blocking the road or something”, said a protester.

“We are 100-150 traders and we will address a request to the mayor to give us a positive solution. Why kick us. I sell lighters, pens. I am in great need for income”, said another.

Regarding the claims of seasonal traders, the municipality of Durrës has clarified earlier that the only solution for them is to settle in the existing markets near the beach area.

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