State nurse is paid without going to work, instead sells drugs from the pharmaceutical warehouse with the support of the director in Bushat

18/04/2024 21:24

The nurse of the village of Plezhë in the Bushat Administrative Unit of Malësi e Madhe, does not go to work even though he is paid regularly.

Instead during his working hours he works for a pharmaceutical warehouse. This nurse must serve every day in the village of Plezhë as his work is in the field, but the community to which he must provide health care does not even know him.

Fiks Fare, through a message, was alerted that the nurse Rafajet Canja, while appearing as a state employee, is engaged in private work for pharmaceutical warehouse and distributes medicines to all cities.

Currently, the village of Plezhë has 743 inhabitants, of which 83 are chronically ill. Fiks Fare traveled to the village of Plezhë where the residents said they don’t even know their nurse at all. The ambulance in this village has not been working for 20 years, so the nurse has to serve the residents in their homes. But this does not happen and they are forced to go to Bushat Health Center or Shkodër for injections.

Fiks Fare followed for several days the nurse Canja who drove the car of the pharmaceutical depot with the logo without worrying about his work in the state.

Fiks Fare colleagues contact the manager of the pharmaceutical warehouse that they read in the nurse’s car, with the motive that they wanted to open a pharmacy in Laç. He immediately sends them the number of nurse Rafajet Canja. And so it happens! During the official working hours, nurse Canja meets Fiks Fare colleagues in a cafe, explaining in detail the prices and offers of the pharmaceutical warehouse where he works.

The next day, Fiks Fare journalists are waiting for him at the meeting point left in Milot. Canja with the car of the pharmaceutical depot goes to the meeting place around 09:00, and then continues the journey to Peshkopia.

At this moment, he is confronted by Fiks Fare journalists who ask him about his work in the state and the private sector. The nurse justifies that for this day he had received permission from the doctor at the same time director of the Bushat Health Center. According to him, he had asked for permission the day before at the center. To prove what the nurse told them, the journalists tried to contact the doctor, but the latter did not answer them.

But the only two institutions where the director could be in the meeting, categorically denied the meeting with Lacej.

So the director Lacej lied, he was not found at the workplace and avoided the journalists’ question whether he favored the nurse who was paid by the state, but worked privately.


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