Spahiu: My dismissal, unconstitutional

16/01/2011 00:00

The vice chairman of the High Council of Justice, Kreshnik Spahiu,
declared that the request for his deposition by a group of Democratic
Party MPs is against the Albanian Constitution.

“This is against the Constitution and the law for the organization and functionality of the HCJ, where the vice Chairman cannot be dismissed by the Parliament. The government has nothing to do with an independent constitutional institution. The government has nothing to do with the judicial system. How can a government of 2012 attempt to control and hit the justice”, Spahiu declared.

Spahiu considered this request as a clear political attack.

“This political class can turn their guns into cannons, but they will never be able to control justice. 2012 is seen by many as the end of the world, but it will be the end of the political class which thinks that they can control and create monopolies over the Albanian society”, Spahiu declared.

According to the HCJ, the request of the majority for his dismissal is only for removing the attention from the trial of the SMI leader, Ilir Meta.

“In a time when justice is needed more than ever for the Albanian people, it gets the harder blow”, Spahiu declared.

In the Parliamentary Group Meeting, Prime Minister Sali Berisha asked the dismissal of the vice Chairman of the High Council of Justice, with the pretense that he has turned this institution in a base for the creation of a new party.

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