SP collects MP signatures for president’s dismissal/ Parliamentary group convenes on Monday

30/04/2021 15:26

The socialist party parliamentary group has started collecting signatures to support the proposal to oust the president, Ilir Meta.

According to sources from the socialist parliamentary group, this morning a message arrived to the socialist deputies stating: “Based on some serious violations of the Constitution according to the provisions of Article 90, by President Ilir Meta, before and during the election campaign, in consultation with the Presidency of the Parliamentary Group we have decided to initiate the procedure of dismissal of the President .”

The entire Socialist parliamentary group has been invited to sign the proposal to oust the president.

The development comes a day after the Prime Minister Edi Rama said that “the Albanian parliament will deal with Ilir Meta. The people condemned Meta and the parliament will formalize the sentence by dismissing him. ” President Ilir Meta appeared not worried by what Edi Rama declared emphasizing that he does not intend to resign.

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