Some opposition DP candidates withdraw from Alibeaj, one day before closure of election registration

28/03/2023 20:56

The current leader of the opposition Enkelejd Alibeaj, promised that the Democratic Party will participate in the elections, but it seems that it has not managed to produce the necessary 61 candidates, 24 hours before the closing of the lists for the May local elections.

This is the first time in three decades that the Democratic Party does not publish the lists of candidates for Central Election Commission, as it seems that Alibeaj is not clear how many candidates he has submitted for 61 Municipalities or how many will remain in the race.

At the press conference, Alibeaj presented his candidate for Tirana, Roland Bejko and the leader of the list of the Municipal Council, Enriketa Papa, the only candidates officially presented so far by the DP.

What united the two candidates was the strong anti-Berisha line.

“Sali Berisha is not interested in winning over Edi Rama, he is interested in winning the monopoly of the opposition. I cannot accept that the right is represented by an isolated individual” – said candidate Bejko, referring to the former PM and leader of his faction inside the DP

While Enriketa Papa added: “I understand the emotions of Mr. Bejko, to give PD a face away from the cult of the individual and the legacy of communism.”

With the majority of candidates still undeclared, the group that holds the logo and seal of the Democratic Party is heading towards the electoral campaign without ever convening the National Council, the highest body of the party, according to the statute, which makes the final decision on the candidates.

“The finding is true!” said Alibeaj,as the non-meeting of the National Council produced the immediate effect in Korça where the candidate Gjergji Gjata withdrew from the race, at the same time when Alibeaj spoke about the violation of this statutory provision.

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