Rape of 15yrs old in Babrru/ More minor abuse cases come to light

05/06/2020 15:35

After the arrest of 4 people for the sexual abuse of a 15 year old girl in the Tirana outskirts a few days ago, and the fact that she identified 2 other victims of the same crime, another serious event has been revealed by Top Channel’s Anila Hoxha.

There have been other cases of abuse in this school, says.

The journalist reveals that October 25th, 2018 another case of sexual abuse of a minor has been referred to the police.

The girl in 8th grade was blackmailed with photos by two classmates. The school psychologist ascertained the condition of the girl and confirmed the story of abuse and blackmailed.

The police authorities have been informed and the suspected boy was put under investigation at the time.

For the case reported by our journalist the highest instances of the Ministry of Education have been notified.

Top Channel