Rama: Berisha, similar to Gadfafi

23/08/2011 19:55

The Socialist leader, Edi Rama reacted about the latest developments in
Libya and about Berisha’s comments on Tripoli’s recent events.

Rama said that despite the pleasure of seeing the fall of another oriental fascism in the Arab world, he didn’t see any European Prime Minister greeting the fall of Gaddafi in a special press conference.

“I saw the US President and the General Secretary of NATO, but neither of them did express the joy of a victory still not completely achieved, while Berisha rushed to speak to the Albanians as he was the leader of the entire world coalition against Gaddafi, his old friend, behaving as he had in front of him the cameras of the entire planet”, the Socialist leader writes.

“There’s nothing to be surprised about in Berisha’s repeated pompous displays in front of the Albanians, boasting of global achievements when Albania has no contribution in it, but the violent and ridiculous Prime Minister of this country, with obvious similarities to the declinig colonel of Tripoli in behavior and language, can’t stay one minute without raising his hand for showing his presence. Berisha acts as he himself is the epicenter of the world’s fate”, Rama adds.

“Berisha knows better than anyone that for the majority of our people, he is more similar to Gaddafi than anyone else, and that the Arab Spring is greeted with enthusiasm by the Albanian people, because for their perception, Libya’s people are being liberated from sorrows that seem more than similar with corrupted regimes, without free elections, without guaranteed freedoms for the common people, with great wealth in the hands of a small cast and with total unemployment, extreme poverty, chaos and dirt to the other part of the people on the roads, roads that unfortunately look very similar to ours”, Rama notes.

“There is no doubt that Albania is not Libya and Berisha is not Gaddafi, but Albania is more similar to Libya than to countries such as UK or Germany, and Berisha is more similar to the colonel of Tripoli than to any of the European homologues. There is no doubt about this. Everyone knows this, and Berisha knows that everyone knows it”, Rama concludes.

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