Quarantine damaging eyesight? Number of people who need glasses increased after isolation

10/10/2020 15:51

During the months of the virus quarantine, everyone spent a lot of time with digital devices such as phones, computers and laptops, which obviously increased the problems with their vision and consequently the visits to the ophthalmologist.

Dr. Rubin Topi shares with us the report of the increase of these visits in recent months.

Rubin Topi: “Visits have increased a lot because everyone, not only to pass the time but for online learning or online work were forced to use these digital devices that have left them with many consequences.”

What about the risk of children returning to online learning and what do you advise?

Rubin Topi: “Undoubtedly online learning has an effect and we advise that after 20 or 30 minutes of study with a digital camera, to use 3 to 5 minutes of rest or keeping your eyesight as far away as possible, we also advise this to adults.

If we talk in figures, how many visits have increased after the pandemic?

Rubin Topi: In fact, the damage caused by digital screens  has greatly affected those people who had minor problems but were not aware of them and now they have increased even more, the number has increased many times compared to the previous period pandemic.

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