President breaks silence on elections: Counting process must be closed peacefully! Reflect until September when new institutions are created

27/04/2021 17:08

In a statement today from his office, President Ilir Meta called for “the counting process to be concluded peacefully and for every vote, from Vermoshi to Konispol, be counted and administered in accordance with the law.”

Meta said that his challenge of this two days has been to ensure that “the Sovereign to freely express his will and for Albania to return to the tracks of the Constitution, parliamentarism and political normalcy”.

The President added that April 25 will serve the democracy and stability of the country:

“Although alone in front of all the captured state institutions, I managed to make April 25 a quiet, peaceful day, without scenes of violence and with your massive turnout to exercise your right to vote.”

Now, the President added, it is time to conclude the election process calmly and in accordance with the law, and then for everyone to reflect until September, when the new institutions are created, stemming from the April 25 vote.


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