Policeman who killed Klodian Rasha with a bullet in the back is sentenced to only 10 years in prison

14/07/2021 15:17

The court of Tirana today sentenced with 10 years in prison Nevaldo Hajdaraj, the former police officer who killed Klodian Rasha on December 8, 2020 with a bullet in the back only because he violated the curfew during the pandemic.

During today’s session, Hajdaraj’s lawyer demanded a change of the criminal offense, from premeditated murder to “Murder in excess of the necessary sekf-protection” and demanded a minimum sentence. Klodian Rasha was executed by police only for violating the curfew during the pandemic.

The serious incident happened when two officers asked Klodian to stop. The accused policeman is seen on camera crossing the street at 2:02 midnight. The policeman tries to catch Klodian by following him, who in turn runs away. The policeman falls, gets on his knee and shoots Klodian in the back. After the shooting, Klodiani runs three more steps and falls.

The policeman approaches and after his colleague officer. After the assassination of Klodian Rasha, the country became involved in protests demanding justice for Klodian, as a result of which former Minister of Interior, Sander Lleshaj, resigned.



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