PM Rama on increase of energy prices: They tell me look at oil prices, but no one says increase electricity and reduce the oil

10/03/2022 21:04

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said today in a conversation with the public about the energy crisis and the drastic increase in fuel prices, that the government is trying to resist by focusing on keeping stable the price of electricity for consumers.

Rama said a special board would be set up to control fuel prices and set a minimum profit rate.

Edi Rama: “The war had an impact on the price of energy and deepened the energy crisis with consequences on the price of oil and gas, but we continue to protect the price of electricity.

“I mention that it is important to understand that the government has not turned its back on the people, but tries to alleviate as much as possible the troubles of the country. With facts not just words, I do not believe that there is a reasonable person who would accept increasing the price of electricity in exchange for the decrease of that of oil.

“Electricity prices affects everyone, even retirees who do not consume oil, and farmers who receive oil without taxes”.

The head of government added that there will be interventions in the fuel chain, of which suppliers will be notified the next day.

He added there will be transparency in prices and overprofiting will not be allowed.

“Of course we have to save up, it is not just as a matter of prices, the day may come when we have no oil at all. We need to prepare for it. War does not come for good, it comes with pain”, Edi Rama added among other things.

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