Parliament approves the draft law for increasing the salaries of MPs, ministers and the president

25/05/2023 16:43

The Assembly of Albania has today approved the three draft laws for almost doubling the salary in the constitutional institutions and the public administration.

The changes in the public administration, some of which required a simple majority, were able to receive the agreement of the parliamentary majority, including the opposition.

The law on increasing the salaries of high officials, such as MPs, ministers and the President, was approved with 95 votes in favor, 3 against, no abstentions as 5 did not participate in the vote.

The MPs who voted against were Dashnor Sula, Bujar Leskaj and Petrit Doda.

With the recent changes made to the salary law, MPs benefited from the biggest increase of about  98%, followed by ministers with 82%.

The Prime Minister also experienced an increase of 72%, while the President increased by 65%. The salary reform initiated by the government seems to first have the greatest effect on the salary of senior officials and then on other categories of public employees.

Unlike 2022, where only GPs, nurses, teachers and security workers, including police, security guards, firefighters and the armed forces, received a 7% pay rise, this pay reform has only just begun.

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