New school year begins / President Meta calls on children dropped out of school: Come back as soon as possible

14/09/2020 15:13

The President of the country, Ilir Meta congratulated the students on the first day of school and called on parents and children, who have dropped out of school with or without a reason, to return to it as soon as possible.

He also emphasizes that young people should be offered as much hope and alternatives to education and work as to be in Albania and not look abroad. Meta further advises students to follow the rules to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“Dear students and parents, honorable teachers and leaders of educational institutions, Today the Albanian society starts another new journey towards knowledge and building a bright future, which can be such only if the quality education of the new generation is guaranteed. The biggest investment for society is the proper education of the youth. This guarantees sustainable and long-term progressive development, but also secure integration into the European family. It is the day to strongly emphasize that every child who due to poverty is unable to go to school, should be integrated into the education system, through concrete policies and social rights, we must declare war on misery and unemployment. But I can not but repeat the call to parents and children who have dropped out of school for no reason to return to it as soon as possible”, stated Meta among other things in his post.

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