Independence Day in Tirana / Restricted activities due to Covid-19 pandemic

28/11/2020 15:52

Albanians today celebrate the 108th anniversary of the declaration of Independence, when Ismail Qemali in 1912 with the heads of the Albanian tribes made the declaration of from Vlora, seceding from the then Ottoman Empire.

Many citizens came today to the center of the capital Tirana but the events were limited as a result of the global pandemic.

“We want Albania to be like Europe. We must also nurture the love of the motherland for our children”, says a citizen.

There was no shortage of national flag dealers in the crowd, who expressed optimism despite the economic shock of the pandemic.

“Whoever can enjoy the holidays must do that, who is in good health or psychologically well. The holiday wants pockets full, but we have them empty. Work today has gone near 0. People have no money. The virus is on our feet. I’m going out to celebrate, to release some of the stress from the pandemic.”

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