House cleaner with 500 thousand euros, Berisha: The money belongs to the former deputy PM Arben Ahmetaj

13/01/2023 21:51

The head of the democratic opposition, Sali Berisha, said today that is convinced that the money found in the house of the sanitary worker Rozeta Dobi belongs to the former socialist deputyPM, Arben Ahmetaj.

“Alda’s money all belongs to Arben Ahmetaj and PM Edi Rama.

That was the money from the incinerator plants. Edi Rama dismissed her only five days later on the 20th, so that she would not leave her position as a senior official,” said Berisha.

He insists that Alda Klosi, the chief of staff of the former minister Arben Ahmetaj, cooperated with her house cleaner to hide the money, saying that the cleaner is not capable of opening a safe.

“Do you make of Rosetta a witch, so that she knows how to open safes?

She was not a witch, she was just a cleaner. The real face of the government is Alda, who comes to Tirana in a 40-meter apartment and ends up with seven apartments, land, accounts.

“Who knows how much there are in Dubai, she has it from Arben Ahmetaj’s accounts”, said Berisha.

The opposition leader further demanded that “the favorite cleaner of Albanian senior officials” be declared a penitent of justice, in order to speak and put the real thieves behind bars.

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