Heavy rains leave families stranded in Tropoja, damage roads and agricultural lands in northern Albania

17/09/2022 20:48

 Seven families have been stranded in Tropoja due to the flooding from the heavy rain in he last 24 hours.

According to the data of Civil Protection Agency, in the municipality of Tropoja, the outpour have caused extensive damage to road infrastructure, housing and agricultural land.

The large amount of rainfall in the last 24 hours has created problems in 3 regions of the country.

In certain road segments there are collapses and erosion, while the water reservoirs are at high quotas. There are reports of bridges’ damages , while in the Bujan administrative unit, the Disdar bridge is at risk as a result of the high flow of the Bushtrica river.

There are power outages in the administrative units Llugaj, Bytyç Margegaj. In Vau i Dejës in the district of Shkodra, there is floodings in some parts of the municipality as well as power outages in the neighborhoods: Lisen, Mllojë and Dejës, the authorities inform.

In the municipality of Elbasan, the situation is stabilized after the cessation of rains, but the OSHEE electrical transmission and road maintenance groups are working to normalize the situation.

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