Health minister decries Basha’s rally in Durrës: More than ever people must follow the Covid-19 rules

30/05/2020 16:04

After today’s meeting of the Democratic Party leader, Lulzim Basha with the citizens in Durrës, the Health Minister, Ogerta Manastirliu, said that she was ‘terrified by this extreme show of irresponsibility’, in the conditions of reopening the country, when more than ever people should respect COVID-19 protection rules.

In her reaction through a Facebook post, Manastirliu writes:

“Which leader in today’s world gives this bad example, simply for its own political interest ?! Mr. Basha can say everything he has to say, without endangering the health of people in this extreme form of irresponsibility. This compression of people for the purposes of a man can increase the infection numbers beyond the most negative predictions and the cost can become dizzying! I call on the citizens not to fall prey to this unjustifiable irresponsibility and to Mr. Basha not to bill the people of the country the unaffordable cost of his desperate struggle for power! ”

Si ministre e Shëndetësisë dhe Mbrojtjes Sociale jam e tmerruar nga kjo shfaqje ekstreme papërgjegjshmërie, në kushtet e…

Publiée par Ogerta Manastirliu sur Samedi 30 mai 2020

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