Head of Council of Europe, letter to Berisha

15/06/2011 00:20

General Secretary of Council of Europe, Thorbjorn Jagland expressed his
concern about the situation in Albania through a letter addressed to
Prime Minister Sali Berisha.

He underlined that strong political differences endanger the institutional functionality and economic progress.

Thorbjorn Jagland, after taking a negative answer for addressing the issue to the Commission of Venice underlined that he himself might address the Commission of Venice for the way how such situations could be avoided in next elections.

“Many hoped that these elections would set new standards when it comes to the conduct of the vote itself, as well as the attitude and responsibilities of political forces and the functioning of democratic institutions. These hopes have been reinforced by the smooth and orderly voting on the polling day. Regrettably, because of the dispute regarding the election of the Mayor in Tirana, Albania is now faced with a situation that has further aggravated political divisions and may threaten the efforts to ensure proper functioning of democratic institutions, good governance and economic progress. As a friend of Albania, I am concerned”, said amongst other things Jagland in his letter.

Secretary of European Council explained that in the background of the Electoral College’s decision, he should ask an opinion from the Commission of Venice for the method how such situations must be avoided in next elections.

Jagland made a strong appeal to Prime Minister Berisha and other political forces’ leaders to start the dialogue for overcoming the political stalemate by respecting the rule of law and democratic parameters.

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