Granting citizenship allegations, President Meta: I have strictly respected the law

26/10/2020 15:18

President Ilir Meta during a press conference stated today that the June 5 election agreement must be strictly implemented.

Regarding the changes in the Electoral Code, Meta said that he expects the socialist majority to reflect.

“The agreement was signed on June 5 and they have a duty to respect it. The president is respecting it by giving them the opportunity to reflect but also others actors are doing it. The majority or the one-party assembly have their responsibility. The president will be at the height of his duty to protect the constitutional order,” said Meta.

Regarding the participation of the opposition in the elections of April 25, Meta has stated that “nothing will stop the people from being represented”.

Meta added that he feels the echoes of the protests, however he added that it is not the duty of the President to incite protests.

The president also focused on the granting of citizenship issue and allegations of abuse. He stated that everything was done according to the procedures, while in response to the majority, he used as an example granting of Albanian citizenship to the former education Minister Shahini.

“Some extraordinary lies have been invented to distract attention. This is the file of the Tirana FC footballer Tyrone, described as a terrorist by accusers. Here is the relevant document saying that does not threaten national security. The former Minister of Education would not be a Minister because it would have taken her a couple of years to become a citizen. I do not want to slander anyone, but everything is in accordance with the law and the constitution”, Meta stated.

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