Covid-19, Manastirliu: We will not reisolate, but the safety measures must be implemented

09/07/2020 15:55

The Health Minister, Ogerta Manastirliu, today in the Assembly asked the citizens to implement the health safety measures at a time when the coronavirus cases continue to be high in number.

She said that isolation with drastic measures would not be restored, but citizens should follow the safety rules, because “if there is no health, there is no economy”.

“We do not have the luxury of having for each citizen, a police officer or a health inspector for the pandemic situation. But all together we have to get used to the change of behavior. There are still rumors that the coronavirus does not exist. If you go to the Infectious Diseases Hospital today, there are 6 people seriously ill, some of whom are very young. This is not a game, it should be taken seriously.

Let’s not put our health system under undeserved stress. Citizens should implement simple measures, put on masks, maintain distance and take care of hygiene. If there is no health, there is no economy. We will not isolate, we will not take drasticmeasures, but we must follow the simple rules “, said Manastirliu.

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