Court of Appeals dismisses innocence verdict for drug trafficking and criminal group for former Minister Tahiri

26/06/2020 15:52

The Court of Appeals today overturned the verdict of innocence of the first instance court for the former Minister of Interior, Saimir Tahiri, and returns the case for trial. The decision was taken in the session that lasted about 30 minutes.

The decision of the Court of Appeal thus overturned the decision of the first instance for the former minister and returned the case to the Special Court.

Calling it an injustice, Tahiri said that the process held itself during all this time because he was innocent.
“I did not expect the injustice of returning to the zero point, it was totally pointless for this to continue for almost three years.

“I have come to realize that every word of mine is given a different meaning than what I really want to say. You are probably influenced by my political history. Now the battle starts from scratch, the Supreme Court does not exist, I do not know. The court said the prosecution did not implement the exercise to prosecute who I am I do not know. Yes this is injustice, procrastination. Delayed justice is not justice”, stated Tahiri after the verdict.

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