Court keeps in jail 4 detainees for sexual abuse of minor, 65-year-old: I have never used violence

02/06/2020 15:17

The court has imposed a detention sentence on the 4 suspected perpetrators of the serious sexual abuse case that shocked the country’s public opinion a few days ago.

Abas Doku, 65, and one of the young men who helped in the abuse of the 15-year-old minor from Babrru near Tirana, appeared before the Tirana Court today.

For over two years the minor kept the rape and subsequent blackmail a secret until a few days ago she decided to file a report with the Police, which resulted in detaining the main suspect Abas Doga, the 15-years old’s school doorman, and 3 younger collaborators.

Abas Doku has reportedly persecuted, raped her and recorded intimate videos of blackmail.

Sources for Top Channel suggest that in his statement he denies having used violence against the girl.


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