Citizen prey of fraud with fake humanitarian donations for the war in Ukraine

03/03/2022 20:34

Ledjon Karaj, a 19-year-old Albanian, is one of many youngsters around the world who have fallen prey to the false social media campaign “Let’s help Ukraine” by an organization that has “stolen” more than 8oo thousand dollars from people under the pretext of war.

“I saw that everyone posted it and I thought of donating a small amount, if I can help them. While today I received the announcement from Instagram that the page is fake. I was deceived. It is a great shame that they wanted to benefit in this way “, says the young man.

But unlike Ledjoni, journalist Inva Hasanaliaj suspected the veracity of the initiative. “It is enough to do a quick check and see that the organization has not shown the founder.

“Information is very scarce in this case and everyone should know where they are pouring their money.”

These fake materials are spread on social networks. Klodiana Kapo, head of, the organization that serves to verify the facts, says that misinformation in times of crisis often occurs not only by ordinary people but also by politicians.

“There are photos that are being used these days, taken from World War II, or videos of Ukrainian soldiers meeting their girlfriends that are not real.

“The most worrying is the organization in question, which with the initiative to help Ukraine, collects funds for their purposes by cheating”, says Klodiana Kapo, director of “”.

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