Bulqize, strike continues

23/08/2011 11:45

The concessionary ACR Company asked the mineworkers to start working
today in the galleries, after presenting them a signed document where
the company states of having fulfilled three of the miners’ demands.

But the work in the galleries hasn’t started. The workers gathered in front of the mine territory and continued their protest. The administration of ACR Company distributed some declarations that the workers should fulfill if they are ready to start working.

One day ago, the ACR Administrator tried to start the negotiations with the mineworkers. He asked a representation of 10 miners for starting the dialogue, with the single condition of not having the syndication leaders as part of this representation, who were stopped from entering the mine.

This unnegotiable decision of ACR administration, for not allowing the syndication in the dialogue, blew apart all possibilities of finding a common language, since the mineworkers were diffident to the offer. Another disagreement between both parties is the payment of the days when the mineworkers were on strike.

Miners strike, agreement efforts fail

The administrator of ACR visited the Bulqize chrome mine, attempting to find a solution to the conflict created between the company and the miners. This is the first direct meeting and it aims a resolution.
The administrator met some of the miners and asked them to choose a representation of 10 people.

But both parties set conditions. The ACR administrator, Giga Bedineishvili asked that the syndication representatives should not be present in the dialogue.

“Kol Nikolla has caused many damages to you and your company. He will not be part of the talks”, Bedineishvili declared.

The miners responded with harsh reactions against this condition, while ACR administrator insisted that the miners should be represented by themselves, without the presence of the syndication leaders.

This condition was not accepted by the miners. They declared that the syndications that organized the strike should be present in the meetings.

During this meeting between ACR and the miners, syndication leaders were not allowed to enter the premises where the dialogue was held.

After failing to find a solution with the miners, the ACR administrator spoke for the media and accused the syndication leader, Kol Nikolla.

“There are only 100 miners who support Kol Nikolla, trying to give their message to the other 500, who are ready to start working. This situation should change, with minor forces trying to pressure the majority through tensions. This is a situation that can be achieved only through territory. The company guaranteed to fulfill three miners’ requests, such as the 20% pay rise, improving working conditions and transparency of the investment plan. The three unilateral requests have been signed by the company and its implementation will start as soon as the miners will return to work”, the administrator declared.

The head of the confederation, Kol Nikolla reacted after not being allowed to join the miners inside the premises.

“The miners should ask legal and institutional agreements. ACR is trying to divide the miners and doesn’t agree to sit for negotiations. The Minister of Labour and the Inspectorate of Labour should intervene”, Nikolla declared.

After failing with the negotiation, ACR Company announced a letter sent to the miners, saying that they are ready to fulfill their request and want them to turn at work.

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