Authorities want to question Arben Ahmetaj on incinerators affair and Alda Klosi’s cash as new evidence

18/01/2023 21:12

Special prosecution SPAK has suspended the investigation for the incinerators corruption mega affair, requesting the initiation of the judicial process, leaving the former Minister of Finance and vice PM Arben Ahmetaj out of responsibility, although the evidence against him was visible with trips and hotel bookings by the wanted person Klodian Zoto.

But the defense attorneys have requested the reopening of the investigation and Ahmetaj to appear before the prosecutors after the discovery of the money in the house of his chief of staff.

“We request that the case be returned to the investigation for Arben Ahmetaj because it’s the victims who are being judged here.

I don’t understand how the same fact can be tried twice”, said the lawyer Saimir Vishaj, mentioning the finding of more than 400 thousand euros in the house of the former director of Ahmetaj’s cabinet, Alda Klosi.

The preliminary hearing on the case of incinerators was interrupted due to non-notification of all the defendants as well as the health condition of an accused person.

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