Arrest of Kruja corrupt judge, Meta: Whoever violates the law, abuses his duty, to be punished

12/02/2021 15:19

President Ilir Meta told reporters today that it is important that anyone who violates the law and abuses his duty be punished, referring to the recent arrest of the Kruja district judge who acquitted criminals in exchange for bribes.

“For me, it is important that anyone who violates the Constitution, who violates the law, who abuses his duty is punished. Albania does not need directed justice, while in the special prosecution SPAK there are long reports and evidence for other judges of the highest level. I am in this task to protect the Constitution, political pluralism, to protect free and fair elections”, said Meta.

Judge Enkelejda Hoxha was arrested yesterday, along with several officials of the Kruja Court, after a several months long investigation.

Judge Hoxha is known for her contested decisions where many convicts have been released from prison in exchange for bribes.

In the Court of Kruja, among the arrested are also court secretary Ela Mallkuçi, lawyer Aldo Tabaku. Also among those arrested are doctors in the Fushë Kruja prison.

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