Applications for solar power plants in Elbasan and Lushnje

29/07/2017 00:00

After hydropower plants, the newest tendency of private investments on energy seem to be oriented towards solar panels.

Top Channel has learned that during this week only, there were two new requests by private companies for building photo voltaic parks.

The first project foresees panels in Elbasan, a 2.3 million EUR investment in a 50.000 square meter area. The second application has made a request for a similar park in Lushnja.

Four projects were presented in total at the Ministry of Energy, mainly small one. A bigger park is in process even for the Maliq area.

The Ministry of Energy will review these projects and if they fulfill necessary conditions, the Ministry will allow construction.

Experts at the Ministry of Energy say that solar energy has a high yield in Albania, due to the climate. For these investments, the government will guarantee energy purchase with a price that will be decided by the Energy Regulation Entity.

There are also requests for businesses wanting to build solar panels for their own energy demand, due to the lower cost.

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