Albanian police seize container with cocaine from Ecuador in the port of Durres

10/04/2021 17:31

Top Channel sources suggest that a container full of narcotics suspected of coming from Ecuador, has been blocked in the Durres sea port.

Police were forcibly opening the door of the container, which as soon as it arrived was placed in the ‘risk’ area of the port as a result of its origin.

About 200 packages of suspected cocaine were found in the container. The container is registered as belonging to persons from Tirana, whose names are not known by the police.

The container where the drugs were found was unloaded from the ship “Dance”, with a Portuguese flag that was coming to Durrës after a stop in the Greek port of Piraeus. The ship was anchored this morning in the port of Durrës and the illegal cargo was discovered by the check in a cargo of bananas.

At the beginning of the month, 49 kg of cocaine were seized in the port, hidden in the columns of a container loaded with bananas belonging to Selim Çekaj’s company, Arbër Çekaj’s father, who was previously convicted for trafficking 613 kg of cocaine.

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