74-year-old watchmaker in Vlora started her trade at the age of 17

22/01/2022 20:40

74 years old and without optical glasses, Liljana Gjergji continues to repair all kinds of classic watches in Vlora.

She started this profession when she was only 17 years old and since then there was no going back.

Even when she has to go abroad to see her children, she stays there for only a week and returns to work. Age is not a problem for her, as she says that good eyesight is just luck, although for 53 years she has been working on fine objects that tire everyone’s eye.

Liljana says that remembers all kinds of watches that she has repaired from the first day of work, while she adds that once people owned mechanical watches which require more work and talent, while today battery watches are easier to repair.

The 74-year-old says that young people stay away from this craft and prefer to become hairdressers or barbers.

The only regret of the old watchmaker is that in her family no one inherited this craft, not even her nephew who is unemployed.

So it seems that with the last remaining generation of watch repairers, in Vlora they will now be thrown away as there will be no more repair professionals.

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