300 kg of suspected cocaine seized in the truck in Port of Durrës

18/06/2021 16:35

300 kilograms of suspected cocaine were seized today in the Port of Durres by the Port Task Force. Police report that the drugs were found in the truck of a citizen from Northern Macedonia.

“As a result of the increased checks aimed at preventing, detecting and cracking down on narcotics trafficking, based on the suspicions created by the Task Force, they ordered a detailed exit check for a ‘transit’ truck with license plates of Northern Macedonia. As a result of the detailed check exercised on the truck driven by a citizen from Northern Macedonia, the Task Force found hidden in the body of the truck, a quantity of about 300 kilograms of suspected cocaine, which was seized as material evidence “, announces the police.

It is also reported that the driver of the truck, a 40-year-old man from Northern Macedonia, has been arrested, while the investigative group, under the direction of the Durrës Judicial District Prosecutor’s Office, is continuing its investigative actions.

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