Government holds first official meeting, takes first decisions


Government holds first official meeting, takes first decisions
The Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, left the Presidency with members of the new cabinet, heading to the Prime Minister’s Office for the first official meeting.

The first government decision was declaring 2018 as the pan-national year of Skanderbeg.

Others were about creating possibilities for working with the Vetting Law.

The government decided that the former building of the Writers and Artists League should be given to the institutions which will vet judges and prosecutors.

The Vetting Administration will work in one part of the building of the Supreme State Audit.

Another decision was about making it easier for issuing birth certificates for citizens. This was one of Rama’s promises to ease bureaucracies.

The new government also discussed giving a financial help to the US government, to ease the fallout of the damage caused by the Irma and Harvey hurricanes.

Other decisions are for reforming the new government, which will be smaller in number.

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