Cold weather, opposition accuse Prime Minister of not reacting accordingly

10/01/2017 19:05

Cold weather, opposition accuse Prime Minister of not reacting accordingly
The Democratic Party leader, Lulzim Basha, visited the city of Kukes today and said that he has kept contacts with the local leaders and DP branches.

“The laws against heating lumber has punished citizens. I have kept contacts with citizens and local leaders, and municipalities have received no assistance from the central government. The work done in Kukes is huge. These are difficult days, with lack of electricity and heating, besides the other problems created to people of all party affiliations. In the meanwhile, government trucks are being loaded with lumber and citizens are being punished for cutting shrubs. The situation is bad throughout the country”, Basha declared.

The opposition leader appealed the Prime Minister to admit the reality and declare an extraordinary situation.

“Citizens are isolated and in the darkness. The government must be more present, but they are not keeping the emergency in consideration. I want to express my gratitude to the Energy Distribution employees, who are working in extreme conditions to save citizens who are risking their lives. This shows that nothing has been invested in these three years. The government has left everything up to municipalities, but they need to turn their eyes here, because the emergency is not over. This is a situation of emergency and the government is not answering accordingly”, Basha said.

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