What did Lulzim Basha sign for Biniatta? Who tells the truth?

12/03/2018 21:05

What did Lulzim Basha sign with Nick Muzin for US lobbying one year ago, while the opposition’s protest was at its peak in Albania?

Top Channel has obtained the agreement, but it is not clear yet why Biniatta Trade, a company with Russian ties, has paid 150,000 USD to the lobbyist who worked for the Democratic Party, whom Lulzim Basha says he doesn’t know.

This is the agreement that Lulzim Basha has signed in March 2017, countersigned by Nick Muzin, when the protest of the opposition was at its peak.

Basha hired one of the people close to the Trump administration to help him transmit the vision of the Democratic party to political and business leaders in the USA.

Some months later, in November 2017, when the protest tent was closed, the Democratic Party had entered the elections and failed, while Basha had been reconfirmed leader of his party. At this time, Muzin appeared at the US State Department once again to clarify that he had received another payment from Biniatta Trade for his services to the Democratic Party.

The document obtained by Top Channel shows that Basha’s lobbyist confirms that Biniatta has compensated him for the activities undertaken on behalf of the Democratic Party of Albania.

Lulzim Basha not only denies to know anything about Biniatta Trade, but he also denies the payment that Muzin says he received from the Democrats.

At this point there are two possibilities, either Muzin has lied the American authorities, or Basha didn’t tell the truth.

However, an investigation of Mother Jones showed that Biniatta Trade is on top of a series of firms which are controlled by Russian nationals.

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