Veliaj: Elections will be held on June 30th. Everyone will be safe

24/06/2019 22:54

After the Court’s verdict reconfirmed June 30th as the Election Day, Mayor Erion Veliaj said that it will be a day of celebration, and that everyone will be safe.

“For those few last ones who had doubts, the Court’s decision showed that not only morally, but also logically and legally, there is no doubt that June 30th will be the day when Albania will decide if they will progress for the next 30 years, or if we will take steps back. On June 30th they will not use violence, they will stay quiet and will not touch anything”, Veliaj said.

The Socialist candidate said that time has shown in these four years that the opposition has tried to block development.

“These are real clowns, who left the Parliament and have tried to enter it through violence for 10 consequent protests”, Veliaj said.

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