US Embassy representative at new justice palace inauguration: The Vetting process is working

22/07/2019 21:00

The US representative in Tirana, Leyla Moses Ones, said at the inauguration of the “Justice Pole” that the judiciary vetting is working.

Speaking in front of the new building of the justice institutions that are being established with the judiciary erform, Moses-Oens said that the lack of Courts proves that the vetting process has worked, and that the corrupted people were left out of the system.

“More than 15% of the judges were vetted. Some passed, some failed. This includes the judges at the Supreme Court and at the Constitutional Court. Some say this is a problem, but we believe that this proves that the vetting is working. It reiterates why the justice reform was necessary. The old system was captured many time ago by corruption and by those who act in the shadows to keep Albania behind. The judiciary reform broke that illegal capturing of the system, and it is taking it back to the people”, the US representative said.

“The USA have stood by the side of Albania and have encouraged this huge changes. We stood by the side of Albania when the reforms were approved unanimously three years ago. We stood by Albania when the vetting process started. We stood by Albania during the creation of the Judiciary and the Prosecution. We are standing by Albania while the Special Prosecution Against Corruption is being established. Rest assured that we will keep staying by Albanai while the judiciary reform gives a new shape to your future”, Leyla Moses-Ones declared.

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