US Embassy: Fight against corruption, one of Albania’s main challenges

12/12/2019 20:29

The Albanian Helsinki Committee held the projecting “Reporting Corruption in Albania”.

In this meeting, the Chief of Public Relations at the US Embassy in Tirana, Brian Beckmann, declared that corruption can be cured by transparency, accountability, more access ot information and the empowerment of whistleblowers.

“The fight against corruption remains one of te most important challenges in Albania’s EU integration path. It is in the USA’s best interest to assist its Albanian partners in this battle. After the implementation of the judiciary reform, the public appeals for actions against corruption have increased, and they have started receiving answers. Last year we saw more commitment by the media outlets in their efforts to report corruptive practices. We have seen organizations take more steps towards the completion of their role as observers. The policies are being implemented, and many of them are in their initial phases”, Beckmann said.

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