Urban waste end up in the Fierza Lake

11/01/2018 19:30

One of the two landfills of Kukes is situated close to the Fierza lake, where authorities dump wastes from citizens and businesses.

The waste is mixed with solid materials which makes it impossible for natural decomposing. The Fierza Lake gets polluted when water get mixed with the waste, but also by the waste that are brought by the Drin i Bardhe River from Kosovo and Drin from Macedonia.

There was an environmental emergency in 2016 and the lake was cleaned by the civilian emergencies and Special Forces. It has been cleaned even before by students and volunteers, but the lake is still full of waste coming from three countries.

There have been many requests at the Kukes Prefecture to give a special status to the lake, in order to avoid pollution. However, these efforts failed, together with the plans for purchasing a self-cleaning boat for the lake surface and for putting protective nets in Kosovo and Albania.

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