Tirana, ballots removed from boxes

29/06/2011 19:30

The investigation that the Socialist Party is conducting by comparing the video
images that were recorded during the counting process in 11 Tirana Zonal
Election Commissions (ZECs) with the final reports that the counting
groups have sent to the Central Election Commission for the final
tabulation, according to SP has shed light on what they call
“electoral disorganized crime”.

The Socialists say that there are two key elements that brought this inconsistency in favor of the Democratic Party rival, who was shown in the final result with 93 more ballots than the candidate Rama.

One of the arguments is that these ballots were inserted out of the voting system. But the Socialists add another one: that of the missing ballots in some boxes, a fact that was discovered after investigating the footage of the Zonal Election Commissions.

The final summary tabulation of the Central Election Commission has 506 ballots less, compared to the reports of the Counting Groups in 175 voting centers. CEC has given no answer for the absence of 506 ballots that represent the will of the citizens, and has not investigated for finding their location.

More specifically, the group of SP experts has discovered that in Voting Center 1867, Municipality Unit 6, there have been 619 voters in total; 27 of their ballots were declared invalid and 584 were valid. 218 of these ballots are in favor of Edi Rama, 368 go to Lulzim Basha and 3 to Hysni Milloshi. By adding all these numbers, the sum must be 619, and 619 ballots should be found in the box.

But the final result announced by CEC has left the tabulation of the Zonal Election Commission where the number of ballots is 584, 8 ballots less than the number of voters.

There is another case when the number of ballots is smaller than the number of voters. In Voting Center 1696, according to the final CEC tabulation, there are 456 voters in total. 6 of these ballots were invalid, 254 were for Edi Rama, 233 for Lulzim Basha and 3 for Hysni Milloshi.

For this voting center, CEC has approved the result with 438 ballots, 21 ballots less then voters. In this voting center, the invalid ballots are noted down with a minus. The group of SP experts concluded that there are 109 voting centers that have in total 248 ballots more than voters.

In other 175 voting centers, the investigations show that there are 506 ballots less than the number of voters. In total there are 754 ballots that do not match with the number of electors in the final CEC tabulation. For this reason, the Socialist Party will ask the invalidation of the voting process in 284 voting centers, as they asked in the Central Election Commission. The Electoral Code provides that the invalidity of the voting process can be requested in every voting center where there have been irregularities.

The weight of these facts will be reviewed by the judges of the Electoral College but also by the prosecutors, because SP will also send these proofs to the General Prosecution. 

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