Speaker Ruci in USA: “Albanians will never forget USA’s support with Kosovo’s freedom”

07/12/2017 19:36

The Albanian Parliament Speaker, Gramoz Ruci, started an official visit in the USA.

Ruci was received by the vice chairman of the subcommittee for terrorism and illegal funding, Robert Pittinger.

“Our countries share the same commitments, same values, same views and same concerns. The USA wants Albania to be a strong, safe country that enjoys peace and prosperity. The USA has a strong connection with Albania, and we are grateful and will thank you for the friendship that will get stronger through the years”, Pittinger said.

Speaker Ruci said that the vision for a stronger and more credible Albania is based on the strategic partnership with the USa.

“Albanians will never forget the support of the USA for a free Kosovo. Albania is an active NATO member today, and important partner in the fight against terror, thanks to the USA”, Ruci said.

The Speaker was accompanied by Taulant Balla, Mimi Kodheli and Anastas Angjeli.

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