SP: Universities are depoliticized

03/05/2011 19:40

The Socialist Party has accused the Democratic Party of using the
universities for political purposes, which, according to SP deputy
Besnik Bare, are depoliticized.

“It is shameful what is happening today with the public universities. The way that Berisha’s government is using them is really unacceptable, the way these public institutions are being politicized by his candidates for electoral purposes. Although the university protocols clearly state that they are depoliticized, the buildings of these institutions have been turned into electoral meeting rooms for Sali Berisha and Berisha’s Lulzim Basha”, Bare said.

“In which democratic and European country could someone dream of doing what Berisha and his Lulzim are doing today, using the students and the professors politically for this campaign. In which democratic country, the candidates of the government can infringe the law and university protocols; the deans and the rectors would allow political parties to use the institutions for their own political desires,” Bare declared.

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