SP, denounces voters’ list

25/04/2011 15:50

Socialist Party has continued to denounce manipulations done, according
to them, to the voters’ list. The opposition said that at the Municipal
Unit no. 10 there have been identified 168 doubled names. But despite
the concern raised by SP, the list still has 147 double names.

They found several names that were excluded from the lists, denying them the right to vote. Opposition representatives said that they identified relatives of the Municipal 10 employees, who have been inserted to the list after the legal deadline.

“The verificatioshowed that 40 people have been left without a voting center to vote. This is against the Constitution. I guarantee all these persons that SP will support their right to vote on May 8th. From November 2010 to April 2011, 261 persons have been added, with fake rent contracts”, said the candidate for Municipal Unit no. 10, Enada Alikaj.

Gent Gazheli, candidate for the Municipal Council of this unit, said that during these days there have been identified the names of the emigrants for each family, and how many of them will be in Albania to vote.
“The emigrants have been identified in every center. I want to say to Berisha’s Lulëzim to not dare manipulate the vote for deforming the process, or he will afce the law”, Gazheli said.

SP Deputy Ledi Shmaku explained the irregularities saying that although there is a suit at the prosecution office against this municipality’s candidate, the voters’ list problems keep happening.
“400 names have been transferred from one voting center to another, in order to unbalance the votes. We are preparing a criminal law suit against this infringement. We want to notify that everything is in broad daylight. No one should dare to touch the ballot boxes on May 8th, because there will be criminal charges”, Shmaku said.

The opposition denounced the same problem at the Municipal Unit no. 6 in Kombinat.

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